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Take a Trip to Africa’s First National Park, Virunga

Parc National de Virunga, or the Virunga National Park, as it is called by English speaking tourists, used to be Albert National Park, but the name changed to reflect the mountains it lies at. The park is situated in the Demo...

Exploring the Beautiful Island of Mayotte

The island of Mayotte is located in the Indian Ocean, at a certain distance from Mozambique and Madagascar. It is currently ruled by France. The entire group of islands named Comoros, that Mayotte is part of, has been cont...

Admiring the Atlantic Ocean From the Shores of Libreville

Libreville is the capital city of Gabon and its most important hub, where tourists come especially because of the beautiful beaches where you can admire the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches in Libreville are like no other on the p...

The Wildlife Sanctuary on Europa Island

Despite carrying the name Europa Island, this island is not close to Europe at all, but instead to Madagascar and Mozambique. The island is an atoll, and the main attraction is the wildlife in its woods. In 1987, the islan...

The Most Interesting Sites in Cote D’Ivoire

While it is a very interesting and beautiful country, Cote D’Ivoire has been shaken lately by a violent coup d’état, and civil unrest dominated the lives of the people here for many years. Things started to get better in 2007...

Places to Go in Conakry, Guinea

Here is some basic information on how to spend your time if you ever travel to Conakry, a tourist destination located in the African country, Guinea. Guinea is located in the Western area of the African continent. The nig...

Following the Traces of Traditional Africa in Bata

Bata used to be a traditional African town until recently, when money obtained from the oil industry started pouring into the city. This is a good thing, since electricity, street lighting, roads and sanitized waterfronts are...

Asmara, One of the Most Beautiful Cities in Africa

The capital city of Eritrea, Asmara is situated at 2,432 meters above sea level, which makes the weather here quite pleasant for an African city. The climate is easier to deal with than the one in Massawa, located on the coas...

What to Do When Traveling to Accra, Ghana

The capital city of Ghana, Accra, is situated on the western coast of the African continent. With a population of two million, Accra is also the most populated area in the entire country. The language spoken here is Ga, but o...

A Sacred Island

Philae is an island in Egypt, and was one of the most sacred sites in the ancient world. Pilgrims went to the island from different parts of the world to worship goddess Isis. The man-made Lake Nasser covered the original...