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Admiring the Atlantic Ocean From the Shores of Libreville



Libreville is the capital city of Gabon and its most important hub, where tourists come especially because of the beautiful beaches where you can admire the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches in Libreville are like no other on the planet, because they house not only sands, but also some interesting and tall Gabonese sculptures that seem to oversee the beach.

In Libreville there are many species of trees, but the most important are in the Arboretum de Sybang, where the most exquisite of them grow. The staff servicing the arboretum are very friendly, but you will have to call before you go, so they can open the gates for you. The forests here are thick and mosquitoes are everywhere, so it would be best to carry a repellant cream with you.

The pleasant atmosphere in the city is tributary to the ocean breeze that can be felt even in the center of Libreville. Lifestyle here is pretty low key, and you will not see anybody rushing to reach places. Time is not the enemy here; you too can take it slow while enjoying the pleasant breeze.

If you want to get somewhere in the city, you can ask anybody for directions as people are pleasant and always willing to help. If you are in the mood for a game or movie, you should go to the French Cultural Center or the Majestic, where they hold their best concerts and art expositions.

The beaches are also the place to be when you want to relax, and the most remote places are Cap Esterias and Cap Santa Clara (the drive is about half an hour). A very popular place is Pointe Denis, but, since this is located across the bay, you will need a boat to reach your destination. From there, you can see the entire beachfront of Libreville, and the views are quite stunning.

If you go to the city center to do some shopping, you will surely be surprised by the expensive prices. The best known supermarket is Mbolo, and on the beachfront you will also discover some great shops. They are all closed in the afternoon, so make sure you know their store hours before heading out. If you are interested in purchasing some nice souvenirs, you must go to Marche Artisanal, where you can acquire clothing, paintings, jewelry or instruments. Bargains can be found in Marche Mont Bouet, but make sure you keep your money some place safe.

Eating in Libreville can be quite expensive, but the local cuisine is certainly worth splurging on. The standards in the finest Libreville restaurants are quite high and on par with the most pretentious establishments in Europe. Not only local cuisine, but other different specialties are also served; Chinese and Lebanese being among the most offered.



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